Shipping & Delivery

(*Shipping policy is applicable to online store customers, updated in February 2023.)

How Much Does The Shipping Fees Charge

The price of shipping varies depending on the product's dim weight, shipping address, and the shipping method you choose.

What is dim weight? Dim weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. For each shipment, you are charged based on the dimensional weight or actual weight of the package—whichever is greater.

Days are business days which means the weekends and holidays should not be taken into account. 

  • Local Shipping (shipped from nearby stores, facilities, or countries)
Shipping Methods Shipping Time Shipping Fees
Local shipping(domestic) 3-7 days $3.0 to 3.5 USD / Kg
Local shipping
(nearby countries)
5-9 days $3.5 to 3.9 USD / Kg

  • Air Shipping
Products Shipping Time Shipping Fees Range
Lighting Fixtures 8 - 12 days $11 ~ $12 USD per kg
Spares & Replacements 8 - 12 days Free

  • Sea Shipping
Shipping Methods Shipping Time Shipping Fees Range
CLX fastest shipping(US) 14 - 16 days $2.1 to $2.5 USD per kg
COSCO fast shipping(US) 20 days $1.7 to $2.2 USD per kg
EMD/COSCO standard shipping(US) 25 - 35 days $1.5 to $2.0 USD per kg
smooth fast sailing (AU) 25 - 35 days $1.5 to $4.0 USD per kg
smooth sailing (UK / Europe) 35 - 40 days $1.5 to $2.2 USD per kg
rail transportation (UK / Europe) 26 - 32 days $1.9 to $2.8 USD per kg
car truck transportation (UK / Europe) 20 - 25 days $3.0 to $3.9 USD per kg


How Do I Estimate The Total Delivery Time?

Estimated Delivery Time= Processing Time + Shipping Time. Please add the processing time to the shipping time for an estimate as to when you will receive your order. For every product in our collections, the estimated delivery time has listed on each product page or checkout page for your reference.

  • Local delivery (in-stock / hight stock products / gifts)

Once the products have been entered and stored in the warehouses or relevant logistics service facilities, we will update the labels to the in-stock item labels. Then If you place an order for these products, we will process and ship out your order within 1-3 working days, then arrange a fast local shipping service.

United States 1-3 Days 3-7 Days UPS, USPS, DHL, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from CA 91748 USA, or the nearest warehouses
United Kingdom 1-3 Days (A): 3-7 Days Royal, Yodel, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from ST1 6AZ England, or the nearest warehouses
2-5 Days (B): 5-7 Days GSL, Forceparcel Fast Shipping, orders ship from Moormerland 26802 Germany
Canada 1-3 Days 3-8 Days Canada Post, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from M1W 2T6 Ontario, or the nearest warehouses
Germany 1-3 Days 3-7 Days Deposit, DHL, DPD, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from Moormerland 26802 Germany, or the nearest warehouses
France 1-3 Days 3-8 Days Chronopost, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from France or Germany
Italy 1-3 Days 3-8 Days Poste Italiane, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from Italy or Germany
Other Continental Europe 2-5 Days 5-9 Days AMZL, Chronopost Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from Germany, France, or Italy
Australia 1-3 Days 3-7 Days Australia Post, AMZL Fast/Expedited Delivery, orders ship from Sydney

To make things easier, as mentioned above, for every product in our collections, the estimated delivery time is listed on each product page and checkout page for your reference. We will update the shipping info at any time according to our inventory data. For example, if a ceiling fan has entered a US warehouse, we will then update the estimated shipping time list by changing 8-13 working days to 3-8 working days.

  • By air / sea / rail / car / truck (wholesale / custom products)

Wholesale and custom-made products will take a longer time(7 to 21 days) for us to produce and process before shipping out from the production line. We’ll work hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible. 

United States It depends. 8-10 days Air Shipping
14-16 days Fastest Sea Shipping 
20 days Fast Sea Shipping
35-40 days Sea Shipping
United Kingdom It depends. 6-9 days Air Shipping
25-30 days by Rail
35-45 days Sea Shipping
Germany It depends. 6-9 days Air Shipping
25-30 days by Rail
35-45 days Sea Shipping
Continental Europe It depends. 6-9 days Air Shipping
25-30 days by Rail
35-45 days Sea Shipping
Australia It depends. 30-35 days Sea Shipping
Canada It depends. 45-50 days Sea Shipping

Local Shipping Address

We have established our warehouses for logistics on different continents. Here're the detailed shipping addresses for your reference.

United States 730 Epperson Dr, City of Industry, CA 91748, USA
United Kindom Far Green Industrial Estate Chell Street, Unit 10, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 6AZ
Canada Dingli Sunbridge Global Logistics Inc. 3500 Pharmacy Avenue Unit 4 Scarborough, Toronto, M1W 2T6
Germany Nordic-sale Westerwieke 159, 26802 Moormerland Germany
Australia New South Wales 2B/246 Miller Road Villawood NSW 2163

In order to provide the best shipping service, please confirm your name, address, email, and phone number when placing an order. (Please be assured that Depuley treated personal data as one of importance, and will follow our privacy policy to protect all the collected data from being unauthorized used.)

Shipping Process

After you order online, our logistics provider will follow up immediately and check out the inventory, then coordinate with the carriers to pick up and package your products. Once done, we will receive an order tracking number from the carriers and at the same time fulfilling your orders, by sending emails to you about the shipping confirmation. Once the freight is loaded, the carrier will tender the shipment to your local destination, to the airport, or to the sea terminal, where it will be put on and delivered. (*Note: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, there may be delays in delivery. But we are open as usual and always work hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible.) 

Can I Trace My Package/Parcel? 

Absolutely, all sent orders are traceable. First, you will receive shipping confirmations from us once your order was shipped out. After that, we will keep you informed of the latest status by sending email notifications to you until your orders are finally delivered. Except for email notifications, you're able to initiatively track your order at the third-party logistic site, such as usps.comups.comuniuni.comcanadapost17track.netswiship.comyodel, or visit the "track my order" page for details.

*Please note that orders shipped by AMZL are traceable too. AMZL is one of the most reliable and fast shipping services that we often ask for. However, they always complete the order delivery first before updating the tracking info for us. Therefore we may not inform you of the tracking number but instead, notify you by email about the ship-out arrangements once you have ordered online. The ship-out email includes the estimated delivery dates that are provided by AMZL.

What If My Order Is Missing? 

In case of a shipment that went missing as the result of an error by the carrier (and after the complaint procedure of the carrier has been completed), we will either refund you or will try to re-ship the ordered product. In case a shipment still has not been delivered at your delivery address (or the pick-up point) 14 days after the shipment date, you have the obligation to inform the guest service by email within 14 days (meaning: ultimately 28 days after the shipment date).

  • What happens if I am not at home or can’t be at home at the time of delivery? In case of absence at the delivery time, as mentioned above,  we will keep you informed of the latest status by sending email notifications to you until the orders are finally delivered to your hand. Therefore, please pay attention to your email, cuz it will be your responsibility to collect the package from the place and in the time scale indicated. If the deadline is passed, your orders will be kept by the local carriers, or maybe just returned to our warehouses, which therefore becomes your responsibility to make contact with our customer services to re-organize another delivery at your cost.