How to Choose A Right Light Fixture for Home Decor?

Lighting is of the most important parts that make a sweet and beautiful home. An ideal lighting fixture would not only bring a proper amount of lighting for the room, but also play a key role in home decoration. Here comes the question: how to choose a ideal light fixture? Or in another word, what factors should be considered? Bellowed Depuley Lighting would share our tips.

First, Proper Amount of Lighting/Lumen

Light fixture’s first role, goes without saying, is lighting source. Space of different size/role requires different amount of lighting. Big space such as living room, hall, dining room, or when you read or work, would need a larger amount of lumen (bright light), and small space like nursing room, bathroom or hallway, or when you sleep, a lighting that too bright would not be a smart option.

Since it is not easy to figure out the proper amount of lighting, or, more precisely, how many lumen, for a certain size of space (at least not to me). There is a simple way to help you out of this math puzzle: count the number of bulb. For living room/dinning room/hall or other larger space, 4 or more bulbs, 60W for each, would be recommended. For master room/bedroom/kitchen, 3 or more bulbs would be a good idea. For small space like bathroom/child-room/porch, 2 bulb would do a good job. Here are some good examples of a proper light fixture for different room

Second, find the right Style for you.

We not only need bulbs for our home, but also a decoration that make our home more beautiful and sweeter. Therefore, make sure you pick a “proper” style light fixture that match your home decor style. There is also a simple solution to this issue. First, find out the overall decor style of your home, Rustic, Farmhouse, Modern or Coastal, then search the light fixture with the term of your home decor, for say farmhouse, modern, plus the kind of light fixture, like "pendant light/ceiling light”, the search results would meet your expectation. And furthermore, if you add scenario together, like “bedroom/living room/dining room”, the light fixtures you see on the screen would be closer to, or even beyond what you expect.

Third, Size really matters.

Obviously, we need a light fixture with proper size for your room. Too big or too small would make the whole room inharmonious. What make the issue more complicated is we are not able to see the real objects on site when you purchase online and the photos would be misleading sometimes. My suggestion is carefully read the instruction of the light fixture’s dimension and make sure spot/area you want to install this fixture has enough room for it. And sometimes, there are other problems, like vaulted/slopped, high/low ceilings, damp/open condition, the more carefully you study the page of the light fixture, the less problems you would have to meet latter.

Finally, buy things from a reliable merchant/manufacture.

There are lots of details that you are not able to see or tell, even on site, like materials, workmanship, durability. You had better to do the purchasing from a merchant or manufacture with good reputation. That would save you lots of problems.

There are still some other elements that you should consider when you choose light fixture. But I would stop providing my tips here. Because the process of searching your favorite light fixture should be a happy exploration on your own. Too many suggestions in advance would scare you and made it boring. Just click page you like and find what you get. If any issue about our product, no matter before or after the sales, feel free to contact us via our email <>we would help you out!

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