Four development trends of modern lamps and lanterns

The continuous progress of modern lighting technology makes lamps and lanterns pay more attention to decorative aesthetic effects such as the appearance of lamps and lanterns as beautiful, comfortable and durable as possible on the premise of meeting practical needs and maximizing the efficacy of light sources, thus forming the development of modern lamps and lanterns. four popular trends.

Pursue high efficiency and energy saving in light source

In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting facilities and technologies, energy-saving lighting design and technology have become the most concerned issues for lighting manufacturers. To achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving lamps, first of all, energy-saving light sources should be used, which is the premise of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps; secondly, according to the size and shape of energy-saving light sources, the optical system of lamps and lanterns should be carefully designed to truly improve the effective utilization of lamps. On this basis, some companies are carrying out "revolutionary" lighting inventions, that is, through optical fibers and light guides, the light of the main light source is transmitted to the user's hands, which can eliminate users' various power connectors, reduce the cumbersome installation, and improve lighting. quality, energy efficiency and safety.

Focus on the integrated technology development of lamps and lighting systems

The dimming methods of modern lamps are more advanced, convenient and flexible than the previous ones. In addition to setting dimming devices and switching devices in the lamps, a dimming device with an integrated infrared receiver or a remote control is also used to control the projection light source. Dimming, this dimming method is very suitable for existing ceiling retrofits. And the existing dimming system can simultaneously implement stepless dimming and delayed lighting for more than 10 different places.

Using electronic computer remote control and indoor computer lighting control system, the state of the light source of indoor decorative lighting can be automatically changed according to the degree of natural lighting, day and night time and user requirements, and the parameters of the entire lighting system can be set, changed and monitored through the screen.

Use the scene selector to work with light sources and low-voltage lighting systems, combining flexible lighting designs with multi-point control using the usual wiring. This kind of scene dimmer and long-distance scene controller can be installed in multiple ways, combined at will, and used in conference rooms, museums and other places, which is very convenient, flexible and has remarkable control effect.

The integrated technology is gradually in line with the development of modern lamps. After all kinds of lamps adopt integrated circuits, the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Advances in multi-function miniaturization

With the development of compact light sources, ultra-small and ultra-thin lighting electrical accessories such as ballasts and the continuous adoption of various new technologies and processes, modern lamps are developing towards small, practical and multi-functional.

First, the use of compact fluorescent lamps has increased in modern lamps. The initial compact fluorescent lamps mainly focus on the development of table lamps, and now it has gradually expanded to the development of various lighting lamps, various lighting places and functional lighting lamps. Most of these lamps use electronic ballasts and are equipped with uniquely designed reflectors. The efficiency of the lamps is high. If you add devices such as computers and infrared remote controls, it will be more economical and practical.

Secondly, the design of various small lamps is more sophisticated and reasonable. Such as: a miniature spotlight produced in the United Kingdom, each optical fiber of this light is equipped with various optical accessories, including prisms, lenses, gratings, etc., to control the beam, with unique functions and small size.

In addition, in order to adapt to the flexibility requirements of modern construction interiors with variable sizes and functions, and to use the building space as much as possible to facilitate people's lives, multi-functional combined lamps and lanterns came into being.

From a single lighting function to the direction of equal emphasis on lighting and decoration

Modern lamps are in the transition from "lighting up" to "beautiful". In lighting and lamp design, more emphasis is placed on decorative and aesthetic effects. In this context, the designers and makers of modern lamps re-use the combination of modern science and technology and beautification art, integrating lighting, decoration and craftsmanship, integrating classical shapes and modernity, eliminating the blind pursuit of superficial beauty in the past. Styling and over-decorated style. The shape of modern lamps and lanterns pursues concise and lively, highlighting the role of modern lighting technology, not only emphasizing individuality, but also emphasizing the coordination with the background environment, focusing on the texture of the lighting materials. The characteristics of the development of functional composite lighting fixtures are: in order to ensure lighting conditions and visual comfort, most of the lamps are equipped with various series of complete sets of accessories, so that users can adjust themselves according to their needs. In short, one of the important signs reflecting the level of modern lighting products is to see whether they can highlight their own characteristics and unique decorative effects while coordinating the entire environment.

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